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Financial, Environmental, & Operational

We believe there are three layers to each print environment:  financial, environmental, and operational.  We analyze each layer both independently and holistically to develop strategies which drive continuous improvement across all three.  We apply our strategies in practice by reducing cost, offsetting environmental impact, and improving productivity.  We call it EverWorx ROI, outlined below.

Reduce Cost

Research by All Associates reveals that offices spend 1-3% of their annual revenue on document production.  Managing and reducing this cost could yield meaningful financial results.  However, most businesses do not have the ability to measure their current printing costs. The main reason is that print costs are hard to nail down since they appear in many different budget lines:

  • Hardware is a capital expenditure
  • Printer cartridge costs are often buried in office supply budgets
  • Support is done by costly I.T. personnel or outsourced to third parties

We help you reduce your cost of printing by measuring, optimizing and managing you printing environment.  First we measure you using non-invasive print management software that generates detailed reports on your printing usage. This data guides our recommendations to optimize your print environment.  Then we manage your fleet of printers, providing automatic supply shipment and proactive support in a predictable billing model.

We’ve helped many businesses reduce their printing costs bringing real savings to the bottom line.  To learn more about how your company could offset its paper usage contact us today.

Offset Environmental Impact

Forward-thinking businesses look for ways to reduce the environmental impact of their operations. Every office consumes paper. Research shows that it takes approximately one tree to make 8,333 pages of copy paper. Since there are 5,000 pages in a case of paper, it takes slightly less than one tree to make a case of paper. Until now, the only thing you could do about this was try to reduce your paper usage by printing fewer sheets. Now there is a new way to offset the impact of your paper usage: PrintReleaf.The problem of deforestation is real. Approximately 5 billion acres of land have been deforested or degraded in the last one hundred years. With PrintReleaf from EverWorx reforests every sheet of paper your office consumes. The PrintReleaf Exchange (PRX) integrates with your company’s existing print software to measure your paper consumption in realtime and automatically releaf your paper footprint to reforestation projects across the planet.PrintReleaf guarantees to certifiably reforest every sheet of paper measured by PRX. Regardless of the paper’s origin, PrintReleaf either neutralizes deforestation or accelerates reforestation.To learn more about how your company could offset its paper usage contact us today.

Improve Productivity

Few things drain office productivity more than a printer being out of service.  End users trying to print critical business documents like invoices or proposals end up frustrated when a printer is out-of-service due.  This typically ends up creating an urgent call to the I.T. department, distracting them from critical business initiatives.  (It’s no wonder that printer problems are one of the top reasons users call your I.T. help desk.)  Next, the I.T. department calls the purchasing department to order supplies.  Or worse, an employee leaves the office to drive to the local office supply store to get the supplies they need.EverWorx improves your productivity by making sure these issues never happen.  Automated supply distribution ships printer supplies before they run out.  Remote monitoring of your fleet of printers automatically dispatches a technician if a device needs service.All of this adds up to improved productivity.  Your staff is able to print the important documents they need.  Your I.T. department has fewer distractions.  This allows you to stay focused on your business, maximizing your productivity.  To learn more about how you could benefit from EverWorx, contact us today.
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